Ethics Statement

In the interest of transparency, as well as compliance with the FTC’s rules for bloggers I am publishing my personal blogging code of ethics here. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns you may have. I strive to always be transparent to be as truthful and genuine as possible, and provide transparency to my readership.

While I have been writing for a couple decades on a variety of topics, I am not a journalist. However, I do whenever possible I follow the Code of Ethics for Bloggers, Social Media and Content Creators.

Product Reviews

While I thoroughly enjoy reviewing all sorts of ageplay-related products, I reserve the right to refuse to review anything that is sent to me for the purpose of a review on this blog. If I’m sent a product by a company or distributor, and I do decide to review it, I review it objectively. That doesn’t mean I don’t have my own personal preferences, it just means that being provided a product for free doesn’t guarantee a good review. If I am sent a product that is poor quality or that I don’t end up liking for any other reason I may give it a bad review, or possibly refrain from reviewing it at all.

Unless otherwise stated, everything reviewed on is a sample provided to me for free (and without obligation), or else it’s something I purchased and personally use myself. I do not accept offers for sponsored content on, and I make it a point to only review products that I genuinely enjoy myself.

I make no claims or guarantees whatsoever in regards to this blog or it’s contents, so vaya con dios!

Affiliate Links

I am not directly affiliated with any of the companies or sites I link to on this blog, beyond the advertisers and affiliate programs who compensate me in some way to be listed on the site. Affiliate links pay a small commission when a visitor uses it to make a purchase. Please note that these affiliate links have no influence over my reviews of a particular product: The payout percentages are the same for a good review and a bad review, and that the price of the items remains the same regardless of whether it’s an affiliate link or not. With that being said, please click the affiliate links if all possible. I’m not making a living off of this site (yet!) and using the link helps me keep costs down and continue to bring quality information to the community.

Comments Policy

I encourage and appreciate lively, respectful debate, and without your input it’d probably be a bit boring around here, but with that being said: Don’t be a dick. Any comments fall under the following categories will be deleted, and repeat offenders will get the boot entirely:

  • Spam
  • Anything Illegal (Per U.S. law)
  • Obscene or threatening language, or attacks/insults that are personal in nature. This site is for adults, and colorful language is okay, but don’t take things too far
  • Blatant product promotion
  • Intellectual property right violations (or potential violations)
  • Private information / data published without prior consent
  • Comments that are blatantly off topic or that link to off-topic material