Welcome To My Crib!

Hi, I’m Spooky!

Welcome to my crib!

Who now?

Spooky BearI’m Spooky! I’m a soft, cuddly teddy bear hidden under a gruff, hard-shelled exterior: a dark, old soul but a child at heart. My kinks don’t define me, although they’re a pretty big part of who I am!

I’ve been many things over the years: A Media Producer for about a decade. A Web Developer for about twice that. And an ABDL for even longer than that!

billy_bob_black_pirate_skull_pacifier_2Besides AgePlay and ABDL, I’m kind of obsessed with all things horror. My house is decked out for Halloween year round, and I often host events, both AgePlay and kink-related, for our close friends!

So What Will You Blog About?

spookabdl-linedpaperThis blog will cover a variety of topics involving my thoughts and observations made on my journey through life.

My identities include Polyamorous, Little, ABDL and Kinkster. My posts are written through the lens of my personal truth, and while I focus on my personal kinks, relationships and experiences, I am a sex-positive advocate across the spectrum for people of all genders, identities and consensual proclivities.

In addition to my perspective on AgePlay and the Little Lifestyle I’ll also throw in product reviews for diapers, clothing and toys, as well as tips & tricks I’ve learned with How-To & DIY articles!

It’s Not a Broadcast, It’s a Conversation!

Throughout this site I’m providing my thoughts and perspective, but it’s not just about me: It’s also about you, and all of us! Feedback is highly encouraged, so get involved by commenting, sharing and helping to push the conversation forward! (Contrary opinions are fine, but abuse will not be tolerated)

Now It’s Your Turn

Check out the site, get involved in the discussion, subscribe, and together let’s help shape the community we’ve always wanted!

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